Cover: The word unseen in bold letters, slowly fading as the word ends. A women's face: young, confident, focused. Her dark hair is swept to the side covering one eye. Underneath is a mask extending down her face forming two X's over her eyes which are black as Obsidian. This is Afsana, the heroine of Unseen.

Unseen is an audio comic created by Chad Allen. Written by a blind person, with a blind heroine, for blind (and sighted) audiences.

Unseen is the story of Afsana, a blind assassin living in a chaotic world in which she is invisible to society. Discounting her abilities is her enemies’ gravest mistake.

Available to stream below for a limited time.

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Narrator - Vanessa Stewart

Afsana - Misty Lee

General Harris - Patrick Culliton

Dr. Magnus - Max Maven

Soldier 1 - Michael Anastasi

The Voice - Melissa Eccles

Soldier 2 - Scott Goldman

Military Policeman 1 - Tom Paolantonio

Office Manager - Kayla Phungglan

Eric Townsend - Matt Miller

Corporal Hernandez - Mat Duey

Commander - Thomas Rodgers

Private Adams - Jeremy Nichols

Maintenance Man - Kai Paquin

Scientist 1 - Tom Paolantonio

Simon - Scott Goldman

Fireman - Kai Paquin

Handler - Chad Allen

Sound Design - Tom Paolantonio

Music Composition - Holly Amber Church

Sound Editing - Tom Paolantonio

Producer - Melissa Eccles

Executive Producer - Susie Boyajan

Written by Chad Allen

Directed by Tom Paolantonio

Special Thanks

Lori Morrisey and Rachel Goterch for inspiration

Gary Hulmes for some of my favorite brainstorming sessions

Thomas Rodgers who gave Afsana her face.

Bruce Horowitz, Mark Meyuhas, Loren Silber and Susie Boyajan at LIME Studios for their incredible support.

Most importantly, to blind young adults who love a good story.

Listen To Issue #1 of Unseen Now

We’re excited to make Unseen Issue #1 available to stream free for the month of October in honor of National Disability Awareness Month.

 Unseen in the News

A blind heroine rules this audio comic book written for a blind audience

Chad Allen was feeling helpless. Not because he happened to be blind. He had a healthy handle on that part of his life. It was the insanely dark news cycle that was dragging him down. The sense that the world was falling apart and he could do nothing about it.

'Unseen' Audio Comic to Star Blind Hero

"I wrote Unseen to help me make sense of the challenging times in which we live," he explained in a statement about the work. "Often my worldview is ignored, and as a blind person, it feels as if that marginalization is amplified further by the challenges we face to be heard.

'We see with the brain': creating a comic book for blind people

Comic books were not at the top of the list of the things that Chad Allen would desperately miss when he went blind, but they were certainly on there.

Unseen, an Audio Comic Especially Designed for the Blind

The protagonist of Unseen, like its creator, is blind. The characters she fights often underestimate her because of her disability - and that's a big mistake. SAN FRANCISCO - During his six months at the Colorado Center for the Blind, Chad Allen learned braille. He went skiing and white-water rafting.

Press Inquiries: Jessie Cohen PR




Unseen Included in Exploratorium's Exhibit Self, Made: Exploring You In A World Of We

We’re thrilled that Unseen has been curated into the Exploratorium’s new exhibit on identity called Self, Made: Exploring You In a World of Me.

Available to experience through Labor Day 2019.